Tuesday , August 16 2022

All of the oncological diseases will be integrated centers


PRAGUE In all cancerous diseases there will be new centers of complex centers. The baby reaches the men of the hospital, carefully and thoroughly. It is capable of implementing a pilot project in the Eco, Brno and Moravia center of the General Health Insurance Company (VZP) in Prague. It promises to be effective and convenient for you. Ron's liver pains a 87-year-old patient with a rhinitis experience of 560 pounds.

The number of outpatient patients is about 3.8%. Ladislav Duek, Health Information Manager and Statistics Manager, explains that they need care. There are about 1 million people in the pilot regions and around 250 are ill. According to Duke, the pilot project means that the system is properly set up and the methodology is developed. If successful, the piston is inserted into the new system.

What will be the intensive form of interaction between small hospitals under the guidance of complex oncology centers to coordinate the regional oncology team? The initial agreements will be signed in the near future, according to VZP editor Zdenka Kagtek.

According to David David, editor of the WPP, the current system is fragmented and has not been organized for a long time. The patient is at the first bit, and his or her practitioner or ambulance specialist. It's good when he gets into a very complicated oncological center, "he explained. Besides Karlovy Vary, he was in the county.

The goal is to quickly diagnose the patient, do not repeat the procedure and place him in the hospital as soon as possible, and the best place for him according to the diagnosis. The most challenging situation is that it is at a high level and can now fully sell hospitals.

We have been keeping this idea for a long time, Czech pediatrician Yan Prussov. Similarly, the system works abroad. Accordingly, patients are under the control of the patient and the data will be available.

The Ministry of Health has talked about cancer patients with symptomatic and cancer-related illnesses. If the patient agrees, he can perform his or her permanent practice in accordance with a full oncologist.

Since January, patients such as malignant melanoma, prostate, lungs, breast, lungs, food, stomach, stomach cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, brain, neck and head can be completely remission.

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