Wednesday , December 8 2021

Angela: Is Babis' pillow usual? VOTE


Sabina Sloonka and Jerry Kubick's editors list the son of Babis and interviewed the secret camera. This method contributed to the fact that journalists were ethically and legitimately engaged.

In a few speeches, Babis described such an act as hyenism. "Journalists insulted the innocent, of course, someone did not know that he was taking him, or his ex-wife did not know him," the prime minister said. He also did not make statements.

The hidden camera also bothered Richard Bregeck, the environment minister. "Did he make an interview with you? Do you want someone to come and use his child? " I told myself: "If you understand, I will solve the guy," he told the press conference.

The editorial board hindered lawyers from counseling and it was clear that the procedure was consistent with the law. "The EU's health condition is unacceptable to estimate the legality of statistics, and there is no reason to consider it when evaluating the legitimacy of the record," the editorial board wrote.

According to the list, the report was ethical. Babis and his mother said that they were talking to journalists, as Elena and Kubik have repeatedly mentioned. The prince's son was fully aware of what he was doing. "Then they also talked to Andrey Babish and he informed by email that the interview will give a result," he said.

Interview with Babiš. On Monday went out to the nighttime news portal. Editors met in Switzerland with their mother, Andrew Babis. In the interview, he said that the prime minister's colleagues should be kidnapped and taken to Crimea.

Babis says, "he signed something, but he did not know what it was." Babis's son said that his son was ill and had been kidnapped by the Czech police. Previously, he said he had reopened the case.

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