Tuesday , August 16 2022

Are you looking for a new rental? The apartment's virtual tour saves time and money


/ VIDEO / Rent of private tours of apartments requires a lot of time. Startup Flatio, which offers mid-term rentals from one to 12 months, is replaced by virtual reality. Virtual reality and smartphone accessible for cardboard goggles can only look at several premises in just a few minutes, not just in private premises, but in the house itself and in the new home.

The excursion of the proposed apartment is realized through virtual reality.Picture: Flatio / youtube.com

"As we have really been in the apartment, it is the most common reaction of renters and flat owners. Virtual reality is nothing new, but its practical application outside the entertainment industry is very limited. That's why Flatio is based on modern technology that connects the real estate market and thus promotes real estate business to a higher level, "says Fleir's founder and director Radm Rezek.

"We are looking at the market or looking for technological solutions, which makes our clients comfortable when choosing a flat. We are not the developers of virtual reality software, but we are the first among the real estate companies to offer such tours and completely replace individual tours, "he said.

However, virtual reality tours – this is what Fellio seeks to break stereotypes of realtors. In addition to the Czech Republic, it is a service based on simplicity, speed and maximum convenience for both parties in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia for its owner and renter.

There is no need to invest in Flatium or sign a paper contract. Instead, she offers a chance to sign a contract or send a card online or even with bitocin. Any changes in rental relationships or bug reports may be made electronically through service portal only.

Average demand for rent in Prague continues to grow

Currently, Prague is the only private provider of medium-sized housing. This type of housing is of greater interest. It is used by digital nomads, employees traveling abroad, or students. Stakeholders also need to rebuild their own homes and need temporary building jobs.

For the first three quarters of the year, Fallio has over 2,500 leased months and 50 million in Prague. Last year, Flatio hired 1,359 months in Prague, almost 100% last year.

At the same time, Flatio's interest in real estate owners is growing. For the first nine months the company has grown by 60%. This is primarily the owners of short-term leases, which are mainly holders of ownership, and currently co-ordinates their leasing or short-term lease.

"In Prague, medium-sized housing was largely due to the hierarchy of the platform, which provides basically short-term housing. From our new partners, many of them are short-term leases, demand for housing management, daily leakage of tenants, housing and cleaning, "Rezek explained.

Another factor that manages the ownership of a short-term homeowner that offers Airbnb services is the financial management's interest. Now, paying attention to the correctness of payment of taxpayers increases administrative burden. These problems are no longer relevant for the medium-term lease. Because lease of real estate is taxed only by fifteen percent of the rental income.

Leases refuse to lease long-term leases and depend on financial investments in renovating current real estate that does not decline long-term leases. "The lease of these leased landlords will help to increase the number of leased horses in a short period of time, offering a wide range of offerers, corporations and multinational corporations," said Rezek.

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