Friday , October 22 2021

Being the star of the season and achieving the first goal of the season, Kämpf wrote


At the training camp, he took part in the main set, but in seventeen new season he started with only three assistants. However, the coach, David Quinn, said that before the match with Vancouver, the 19-year-old Czech forward was not losing his confidence, for which he was awarded the Chilean balance.

VIDEO: The goal scored from the kick

Sacking had a great impact on six players and won in the second half of the game. Brett Howden finished off the game 52 minutes into the match. Hockey player Henrik Lundkvist took the 437th place in the race and took the seventh place at Jacquea Plantea.

Kämpf was in the middle of the game after Chicago 2-0 and eventually lost eight positions. Caroline landed in the second, and Sebastian Ahao solved at 61:16. The Finnish striker played well in an ice rink to defend Brent Seabrook and defeated his former team, Cam Ward. In 2006, he completed a long-term Caroline contract, led by Stanley Cup, and liked the club's Petra Mázek.


New York Rangers – Vancouver 2: 1, Carolina – Chicago 3: 2, Dallas – Columbus 1: 2 And Anaheim – Nashville still plays.

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