Saturday , January 28 2023

Betka Stanková of the Narrative: Traumatic injuries in the theater!


Prior to the premiere of the Trak music, the actress squeezed his inner muscle, and his participation in the stage was dangerous. "I suffered from the illness and helped rehabilitate, and everything was OK" is sent to Betka, a humorous song by Elizabeth Veverka's famous songs.

The role of Hana Zagorova in that film (72), turned into a model of Iva Kubelikova (41). The two ladies have to make their legs look handsome, as the wedding dress is on the final stage.

Stanková but is not the only Starter of the Tricky who has such inconveniences. "Though we have several injuries during the Tricolon test and play, our task is to" pay off to God " Partner of the "Rebels" or "Narratives and Ports" became the partner of Martin Zoon (51).

The teeth of Sandra Pogod appeared in the game (43), Jaromir Nosek (40) again hit his finger and Martin Dejhar (53). Two weeks ago one of the founders suddenly fell down, and the spectators who did not know the audience knew that it was part of the story.

VIDEO: Alžběta Stanková: I will not go to Zounar! Why do not I have a friend yet?

Elizabeth Stankk: I'm not with Zonar! Why do not I have a friend yet? Marcette Reinisov, Lukash Červeni

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