Saturday , June 3 2023

Borkovec (18) was angry with Little Kornch (37): it * sčka!


«I'll be my mother» Slovenia's boasting of the social network's brilliance, even though she says that she is pregnant, she is only a tattoo. But if he wanted to catch himself, his current partner would come!

His storehouse of SuperStar does not want to hear about children yet. "The child can not even speak, it's a complete snake." she still laughs to a young man,, who is still milking her shoulders.

Christmas magazine TV magazine is already sold on Friday!

"I have no degree. Of course, I can not be my parents In addition to the school, she read an additional student who was interested in starting a career in the singer. In fact, they would not spit on the cheeks.

But it can be Achilles' heel in relation to the old Kneiter. Even though she is not able to get pregnant now, biological watches are bad, and maybe a few years later, she has a problem with pregnancy. When Petra's rabbit is embraced by love, it is hard to say that she was a good choice.

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SuperStar 2018: Catarina Knechtová breaks a competitive edge! TV Nova

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