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Cardiac fibrillation is accompanied by aging


Update: 22.11.2018 12:44

Prague – With the aging of the population, there is an increase in heart fibrillation, which is estimated from 100 to 100 in the Czech Republic. By 2030 this figure will increase by 70 percent. Risk of high blood pressure or diabetes, as well as endurance sports. Journalists said today that Martin Fiala, head of Heart Neuron Medical Brno Cardiac Surgery Center and chairman of the Heart Rhythm Martin Fiala Czech Association.

Atypical fibrillation is a frequent and frequent rhythm of heart rhythm that leads to non-regulation of the heart rhythm. Rhythm can cause blood to rise because blood can accumulate in the heart. There is a risk of insulin, fibrillation – from five to one.

"An important part of the prevention is healthy lifestyle, symptoms, pulse measurement and preventive examinations, including ECG," says Fiala. The heartbeat can weaken the sport of tolerance, which can also lead to atrial fibrillation. Patients track down productivity, control the strain, for example, when walking on the stairs. There is a temporary or permanent fibrillation, and one is stable for one year.

The European health system amounts to € 3.3 billion a year (€ 85 billion). Treatments called antiarrhythmias or catheterisation, called ablation, can be accomplished by heart to the heart through the arteries or veins, where an electrode is placed fibrillation instead of the heart wall.

More than 80 percent of patients over 65 years of age, eight out of 10 adults suffered from fibrillation. Forty years old, fourth. At the age of 69, the risk of death is about five percent. Deaths usually cause fibrillation, possibly causing or impairing heart failure, in addition to a stroke, which impairs the function of the heart.



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