Thursday , September 29 2022

Child Report: Monica Absolon's Early Childhood! He is a child, he has received the name of "God" –


Monica Absolon, a 10-year-old model of the new reality, is experiencing the happiest moments in her life. His younger brother joined Little Tadeus! Monika Sam, on Sunday morning, was proud of his facebook page.

"Beautiful Sunday" Let me introduce myself … I'm Matush Horne (2962 and 49 cm). Yesterday Krasovsky was born in the university hospital of Vinogradia, under the leadership of Mr. Murr. Wolf. I am very grateful to him and his whole team has gained a sense of professionalism, care and attention. My parents are both good, their parents and their friends are celebrating, and maybe they are still celebrating and their older brother, Tadius, sleeps. I think it's all too much! "She said, in a genuine fashion, published a new pair of new twins.

Happy parents call the child Matthew, which means "God's Gift" in the Hebrew translation … We wish the New Television to bring joy to her mother and father. Many health, happiness, just four newborns are only successful … Congratulations!

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