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Corriere della Sera: Your diet makes you feel good


Update: 21.11.2018 09:28

If we break the Roma diet principle, we have no disaster, but we have to control it. If you want to achieve long-term goals, such as weight loss, special diet can improve our mood and strengthen our ability to withstand other temptations. Corriere della Sera, Italian newspaper, referring to one study.

Do you think you have to lose an extra pound, desert all your favorite dishes, even a holiday? This is not a good idea, because a specific diet can not only destroy the result but also be useful. This is a group of Dutch researchers posted on the website of the Bulletin of Personality and Social Psychology.

Scientists are tempted to succumb to temptation rather than as a proof of our self-defeating efforts to achieve our goal if we have good reason to do so.

Moreover, in order to achieve the long-term goal of reducing the weight of the idea, we must avoid any temptations to make research published in the Consumer Psychology Magazine. In this study, Portuguese and Dutch scientists used three experiments related to dietetic people, and if deviant behavior is predefined, it will help to keep behaviors and continue the program. In other words, these "controlled offenses" improve the mood and strengthen the ability to withstand other temptations.

What lessons can we learn from these studies? "Of course, we can not be tempted to be tempted, and this is the way we lose control, for good reasons, and it's not always a matter of rewards or comfort," said Nicoletta Kawazza, associate professor at the University of Modena.

"It's not right to start a diet every time, with the idea that we should keep it for a long time, depending on the circumstances and for what reasons we should prepare ourselves to break the limit: food, where we taste culinary specialties – holidays, celebrations, special or family lunches, who we prepared and If we do not want to offend someone who has invited us, we will come back to the diet again, "says Kawazza.

After a programmed violation, we can plan the day of light to make sure that we are psychologically encouraged and physically disadvantaged.





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