Friday , January 27 2023

Craiggie admitted


After Krejčík's abandonment, his rival, Joonas Nättinen and Sakari Manninen, jumped to a three-point gap. "My goal was to score 0: 2, which was my inconvenience and I had to burn it, not to play," he told reporters. But if one of them warns about Nättinen, it may be different. "It was my fault, and I would not be guilty of anything else," says Kreischik.

Leaving the duel half way, he again dropped when he lost the middle class. "There was not much to do with the hockey stick. Unfortunately, I did not help the team. Instead, I made two mistakes on the knees and knew that they were attacking us quickly, and it's hard to talk about it," says the honest person.

Twenty-seven-year-old Finnish club, Lucco Roama, despite his own experience, has undermined uncontrolled crises. "At your own, it's clear that I tried to play it in some way, but unfortunately, the trainer decided to disrespect me," Craigjik recalls.

However, nobody was responsible for the excellent movement of the Finnish and their disciplinary game. "We did not answer him and we did not reach the goal of a shame," he said. He apologized for the serious mistakes he made.

"We first hit the speed of records and played the first two players attacking us, it was a bit rush for us, and tomorrow we have to fight the Russians and we have to do something different," he said.

When the Swedes defeated the Milos Riha coach on the right with a 2: 3 score and then evaluated the Finnish duel, it was fairly simple in the cabinet and then in the media. "It was quite different from the previous match, but with a positive result, I do not say much," he said.

The Russians are already the winner of the tournament and look good to Karl. However, the Czech Republic has been defeated and it has zero points. "It's always strained, it's not easy, it's about preparing, concentrating, and working hard," Craig says.

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