Tuesday , August 16 2022

Czech musician is famous all over the world


On Wednesday, November 14, Michal added a new song called Balkan Love, to his Facebook wall. The day he killed himself. His last poem contains no negative emotions, so fans and fans do not understand why he did it. As Katia writes on Facebook, "I'm not going to leave this ambitions, it's a great boy, it's all right."

According to the information provided by the OneZoo musical magazine, Michal was born of Freck-Mistek and wanted to have a melody and dark style of home and trans music in his production. In his official report there are 59 beautiful songs from his direct compositions or remixes.

He worked at the Los Angeles Musical Publishing House and his music became known all over the world. For this reason, social network consoles are available in many languages. "One of the biggest musical talent on our stage is to meet again in one day," wrote Gregory of Poland.

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