Friday , January 27 2023

Diesel best sells gas at prices, most expensive in Prague


We do not set a diesel price in the Czech Republic. At present he is sent to neighboring Germany or to France. Traditionally Italy is expensive. May be the cheapest in Luxembourg or Spain. Photo:

Last week, diesel prices rose by an average of 33.77 kg per cents, while the 95 best-selling 95 Natural Gasoline was up to 33.69 kg and six cents. Therefore, diesel will be sold at the highest price since December 2014. This is evidenced by the Czech Credit Card Company (CCS).

The price of fuel in the Czech Republic has sharply increased from the end of March to the current June. During this time the price was about 33.50 kWh for gasoline and 32.60 kg for diesel fuel.

Prices rose a bit from month to October. Starting from October, gasoline has gradually dropped, and diesel prices have been rising, and the price has risen a week ago.

The highest average price for petrol and diesel in the Czech Republic is still Prague. In the capital one liter of gasoline is on average 34.46 kg, diesel 34.38 kg. More than 34 gasoline prices are available in South Moravia and Olomouc and Vysochina. The price of diesel fuel in the South Moravia, Pilsen, and the Central Region of Czechia and in the Vysochina region has increased to the same extent as Prague.

The cheapest fuel still remains in the southern Czech Republic. Natural 95 drivers buy diesel for an average of 33.25 kg and 33.44 kg.

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