Monday , June 5 2023

Do you eat pizza with a stick? Dolce & Gabani denied allegations of racism in China


The new Dolce & Gabbana brand campaign revived China. In social networks Chinese did not appreciate their national stereotypes and popular brands for toughening racism. The company had to cancel the planned fashion show, even on the basis of the protest wave.

In the three fashion house characters, a Chinese woman wearing a dressing gown and trying to use a pizzeria or spaghetti with Chinese sticks.

The innocent combination of Chinese and Italian culture made it difficult for many Chinese to stand up for their campaigns in social networks. Dozens of locals later boycotted fashion shows and branded products. For example, the renowned Chinese filmmaker, Tiger and Dragon C & # 39; known as the Dragon or Geisha, said she would no longer cooperate with her and stop selling her clothes.

The video was originally from DG Loves China, which acquired an Italian brand to open the Middle Reich market. However, due to unexpected criticism and boycotting, organizers had to stop even one hour before the show began in Shanghai.

Dolce and Gabbana have said Wednesday that they have changed the show on Wednesday, but the company has no reason. The company later apologized publicly for badly accepting clips and asserted "China respects".

However, when the story of the founder of the Italian brand, Stefan Gabbana, racked the account of the Chinese at the expense of the Chinese. According to the firm, it was the attack of hackers who attacked the designer's personal profile.

Stefan Gabbana's statement on Instagram:

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