Friday , August 19 2022

Dukovan's new block will be built by a subsidiary company CEC –


"We are convinced that investment is profitable and effective," Babis said at a seminar in Trebyszka on Tuesday in Wallach. According to him, the government is not just about extending the life of four modern Dukovan blocks.

CEZ is the largest Czech energy company. The principal shareholder is a state holding 70 percent of shares through Treasury. Dukovan NPP, with a total installed capacity of 2040 megawatts, covers the fifth part of electricity consumption in the Czech Republic.

According to a former statement by Industry and Trade Minister Marti Novak, the state will evaluate various options for the construction of new blocks, but extend the life of the nuclear power plant in Dukovani. The minister said last year that the government had decided to finance it by the end of this year.

The first Dukovan block has been working since 1985. The first life span was extended for 30 years and could be extended to 60 years.

Four years ago, the CHE company ceased the tender for the construction of Temelin because it did not receive state guarantees. Temelin has been working for 18 years.

Construction of new nuclear blocks in the Czech Republic was of interest to companies such as Russia, the United States, China, or South Korea.

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