Sunday , August 7 2022

Elon Mask is sober


Making life alive by nuclear bombing may seem like a strange idea. However, the founder of the Tesla car maker seems to have denied this idea.

Elon Masquer once again caused a stir in his Twitter post on the "Nooke Mars!" Let's rock Mars!. Immediately after the title "T-shirt is coming soon", ie Recently arrived T-shirts. Mask looks at its idea seriously because it wants to buy shirts in the market.

Mask has been talking about the idea of ​​rafting Mars for several years. The idea of ​​another planet that can survive for humanity is certainly interesting, but refers to the possibility of modern technology. The billionaires believe that the bombing of Mars with nuclear weapons may lead to ice and lead to large amounts of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and should gradually raise the planet's temperature in climate change style on Earth.

Martial Therapy a signal for a gradual change in the environment of the planet, which allows them to live without survival and survival. This means that you have to create an atmosphere and warm the planet. However, modern technologies do not allow the process of capturing the controlled form.

Elon Mask wants to raise the temperature of the planet and make it viable

Mask published his idea for the first time in several interviews in 2015. In 2017, he published an article in the New Space magazine, whose main idea was to create a colony for up to one million people in March. However, in 2018, NASA announced a suspicious study of the teraphysm of the planet.

Perhaps it is the idea of ​​attracting more people to non-traditional ideas. "Nookie Mars" is a resonance password, so it is expected that the password will not be responded, as it is behind Arch.

Elon Mask wants to raise the temperature of the planet and make it viable

SpaceX continues to develop rockets capable of reaching Mars and engage with NASA intensively. So this is a matter of time rather than being the first person on Mars. Who knows, maybe not the last one.

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