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For the first time since the talks, Jasmine Alagic said he had asked for his hand at the end of the rhythm


Jasmina Alagič talked about Rytmus Picture: Instagram Rytmuse

November 20, 2018 15:48

His status was extended and allowed to freely circulate Slovakia for those who did not fully understand it. "This week, I have responded to the most wonderful question: in a second, without the second, to the people who live in your glory, with great love and pride. I promise to be my wife until the end of the day, "Jasmine said.

"One of the above (which can be named each) is so kind and generous to us that we will never thank him for that, and no day will be repeated, so every time you need to be beautiful I always live on it, you are a great moment of my life today, I'll be happy all the time, "he continued.

"The most important thing in life is to make you a really happy person, nothing more important, just good luck, because you can only spread it." I love you, Rhythmia, I love you and thank you. I can take you, "he told his followers to open the heart to Alagic.

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