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Hamezek Babis presents a video recording of the premier's announcements

Update: 14.11.2018 01:09

The presidents of the prague – party parties, Andrei Babish (ANO) and Jan Hamzacek (CSSD), will meet today on the statement of the son of Babich, Andrei Cape Hat Nest. The opposition called for Babysten to resign, which addresses the internal affairs of Hamak, the organization. Babis says his prime minister and his two older sons have been abroad for Cape Hat, which is accused of subsidizing fraud.

Babis's son, News List, told his father that he would disappear from the Czech Republic. According to him, he had a conflict with psychiatry, and after meeting physician Dita Protopop, he went to the National Institute of Mental Health. This year, he was in the municipal elections for YES. After the Chophouse, Protopopové Petr captured the son of Babisov, the son of the Crimean peninsula, who had captured Russia from the Crimean peninsula. Babis said that the son had signed the paper on the farm, but he did not know what his hand was.

The CTK will broadcast live after the government meeting. TK should start at 08:00 and time may change.

Opposition parties offered Tuesday the government of Babis to challenge, and the prime minister called for the case to be abandoned. Today, unfortunately, after the government's morning meeting, IBR President Hameçek Babis will meet Prime Minister. Babis wants to hear a statement of action, as well as further coalition cooperation and government work.

Babis reported to journalists on Tuesday that his son was foolish and left the Czech Republic voluntarily. Reporting The list of messages is dismissed by the prime minister and taken away from politics. Babish can not resign.

The Cape Hat Tree farm was originally owned by the former Babiš holding company of Agrofert. In 2007 it became the owner of the shares, and in 2008 received 50 million euro subsidies in the SME program. The farm was merged with Imobo, which was later renamed Agofert's real estate in 2010. Previously, Babis announced that when the farm received a subsidy, he became the brother of two adult sons and their current wife, Monica Babisova. On Tuesday, Babis said that the children belonging to the farm had been foolish for a long time.






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