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In the new movie Radm Shechekek, Zlati became one of the sixth Czechoslovakian basketball players and discussed the unique sports chapter of our postwar history. "I knew what had happened. I hate my former office, "says a 20-year-old actor.

You have a story of the Golden Star, which tells about the war after Czech basketball players. How do you feel about the result? You move.
This degree of emotion is very large. We love each other during shooting. When we saw a large screen of our common work that we had been doing for more than a year, we felt that it was true and that we were able to make a movie. It will surprise you.

Did you know that before the history of Czechoslovakia won the gold medal for the Republic in 1946 on the international stage?
When I went to the casting, I did not know it was happening. Finally, I learned a lot, started searching for information. From the beginning, I did not see it on the screen and realized that it had a great potential.

So, did you try to explore the story and story about the film's history?
I was in the situation with my character and the situation around it. For example, my father's film is an assault, so I started at the Sokols, and I usually try to learn as much as I can about the shepherds. I was interested in the overall atmosphere of the sport. I understood different tasks and problems of sports. Then, of course, I focused on the boys, our basketball players.

Were you surprised?
No. I knew that this was the horrors of the situation, and that was only a matter of deepening. It all happened, but I was offended by the institution. The main purpose of the film is the bend of ideas and shoulders before the Soviet Union. In 1951, when he was a basketball player, he was seriously injured in the European Championship.

Do you think that might be the case today?
We now know how this is and that's not good at all. I hope it will not be possible to repeat what is being done in the past. On the other hand, in 1945, three years after the end of the war, he thought that there was something like that. There are so many things that we can not even hope for, and may be frightening in the future. But I want to believe in the best options.

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<p><b>Many surveys and surveys today do not know much about what happened on August 21, 1968, or why it is so important on November 17th. You were at the age of twenty because you understand that some of your peers are radically different </b><b>no overview What's this?</b><br />It completely changes the attitude towards young people in relation to education. I do not want to put each of them in one bag, but I think that the education system in our country is not at a good level. I just saw him soon. Although I was interested in the content of many things, I had to go to the system and go to you, you should study it, read it and then get the paper. After all, how can I encourage myself to get some smile? I think this should change. However, some of the movies may be historic. Let people know more about what happens when we capture the theme and talk through the story. It is also an interesting form of education.</p>
<p><b>How did your physical fitness impact on basketball appearances?</b><br />We spent every Sunday until seven months. But together with the guys we gathered together in the park and left the trainings and played with other guys who went there. I think I found myself.</p>
<p><b>Outside the camera, the actor took over ten thousand steps. You said you did not need to use artificial sweat while firing.</b><br />Propaganda started the first filming day. At one stage, one of the actors shouted, "Hey, do we need to suck up a little?" That is why we have almost always come out to the stage, and the director Radym Spezek has joined us. When we shoot basketball scenes we are very beautiful. This is usually not for shooting, but we are happy about this project and are happy.</p>
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Zdeněk Piškula

  • He is 20 years old and has graduated from Prague Conservatory.
  • She has been in the camera for more than 12 years. His first role was the character of Hanzik Dvorak in the series "Narrativ". Vishnevitch Fairytale sang and played near the three brothers Vojja Dyko and Thomas Kllyustus
  • Two years ago, at the age of 18, he became the youngest participant of StarDance with Veronika Lalova, a dancer.
  • He made a pair with the actress, Simon Lewandov, who was his partner in the gold coffin.

Simona Lewandowska, the daughter of your true love, has played the love of your movie. How did you work together?
Both of us were frightened at the beginning, but thanks to the party we met at the party, we were looking forward to a joint shooting.

When you last talked about a year ago, you have said that people around you and your people have been forced to admit you to fairy tales from the "Three Brothers" or to Matthew's "Honazik". How is it now? Do you still think of yourself as a child actor?
I can not say it. It can rock me and make a person who wants to. That's another sense of perfection. Maybe this movie was taken from my fairy tales or series. But here I play Honza! Perhaps I'm looking at Hongza. (laughs)

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