Tuesday , August 16 2022

Hybrid Company goes to Asia with HbbTV


Karlín Company Hybrid Company, engaged in hybrid television HbbTV (red button), expanding to Asian markets. The company has opened a branch office Singapore. In 2019, it plans to make its own decision to monetize HbbTV in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and South-East Asia.

Society Hybrid Company Until now, it has concentrated mainly on the central European market, where more than 22 TV channels are functioning. Apart from the Czech Republic, most of its domestic TV channels will decide to make HbbTV content more accessible, Slovakia, v Poland, Romania a Hungary.

"Asia begins with the digitalization of TV channels, whereas most Asian TV channels will switch to the DVB-T2 standard. When HbbTV started, the environment was similar to the Czech market three years ago, "says Hybrid CEO, Lukáš Hnilička.

In October, Hybrid created a subsidiary Hybrid Company PTE LTD In Singapore. It deals with operations in the Asian market. Creating a full-fledged group of HbbTV platforms to suit the needs of local consumers and viewers.


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