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In Yablong, you will be able to extend the life of boats with unique choirs


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The first gastroenteroanthomia was given in May of this year in Japan, and on November 20 it was quarter.

Patients with pancreatic illness or fatal steviosis may be at risk of surgical complications that may cause complications. I do not protect from cows, I feel painless, and after a short pause I get sick by giving her a day home.

The last patient underwent a regular clinic in the hospital under the guidance of twenty pediatricians and endoscopic and endoscopic patients.

The operation lasts several tens of minutes

The operation that lasted a few minutes tells of the so-called stenza among two inexperienced orgasms. According to Stent, Vladimir Noska, the main gastroenterologic division of the Jablonec Hospital puts metal-coated tube in some way.

Two people were treated with surgical procedures, for example, stethoscope was twelve or double declined. In recent years these operations should be endoscopically replaced. It's a very sophisticated, efficient, and fast way. We make this kind of synchronization, between the steves, between the lakes and twelve lines. So I can feed my food and liquids, "explains Nekek.

Replacing the operation, the patient will bring me home quickly.

Rastislav Kund's speech in the Danish city of Dannock, a recognized navigation specialist, is a new method of helping people with non-regenerative diseases.

There are some facts that can help us improve our lives. Not Don. Their diagnosis is tragic, but their quality of life is increasing. Patients do not require general anesthesia and often go home one day. In classical surgery, the patient was allowed to go to the hospital for at least one week and did not give any food. It explains Rastislav Kund.

Lka: Spinach is a tool in the mouth of a person

Lacquer Jiina Pintov of the Jablonec Gastroenterology Unit, the lifestyle among the most common problems with aluminum and pancreatic pathology is unknown. It's alcohol, diet, but I'm taking lucwone stones in sheepskins, or palsy, says Pintov.

Rastislav Kund believes that the pancreas is a tool that comes from the mouth of a person.

We hide everything we have seen and drank before. Experts say it is impossible to restore it, and the pillow is a bad thing.

This technique was described as the only contact between Erol and Steve in the Yablong, including the thermal pole.

Let's take the heart, but let's do it in those years. We have about 20 tons of Ron. But we are financially limited, stents are very expensive and not close to the insurance company. We need to walk around the hospitals and find these steps, "concluded Vladimir Nosek.

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