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Klatovy's driver went to dinner, the bus was with him – News.cz


The 44-year-old police chief suffered serious health problems for the July events in Wellholm, Germany. One of the passengers fell down and could not work for two months.

The store door was closed behind the shop and the bus shifted. At that moment we were four, "said Bronislav Naushov, who remembers the dramatic moments of this summer.

"The woman and the child jumped at first. I was frustrated because we stopped and tried to stop the bus. But it did not work, "he continued.

This was the bus and it works. "I am working in the rescue squad, so I have a catastrophe that could end it," Nussaova said.

Jump from the blind

"I did not see where I was, I jumped," said a 52-year-old woman.

He acknowledged that it was a blind leap. "There was no time to shade, and I immediately felt compelled to leave the bus. It was a self-preservation instinct, "she said, remembering the irritating moments. After hitting the road, his leg fell.

"It was summer, I had a sandbox so I got it," he said.

The speed of the bus movement could not be conveyed to Anne. "But that's great for me," he said. He also did not talk to anyone. "At that time the driver stopped me to congratulate me," he said.

Accused, he said, did not notice that the bus was accompanied by people. "Only when I left the store I found out that he was in the garden of a nearby house," says Pavel Ch.

Without compromising the safety of the transported passengers, he acted in line with the investigators for violating traffic law.

In addition, the internal company's directive has been violated by a transport company, which, in particular, must be carried out by a roller coaster if the driver has left the bus.

"An unmanageable bus has accelerated, and the passengers have not been able to see the end of the trip. They had to make a quick decision, there was no choice but to jump off the bus, "investigators say.

In addition to the yearly prison, the driver is forbidden if the driver is guilty of a crime.

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