Tuesday , August 16 2022

Ladislav Vzek received a pedestal. Wedding in Dubai


Ladislav Vzek and his partner Simon (2012)

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Ha shame on me. Spanan, if he gets tired all the time, what is it? Yesterday I'm here all the time. It really becomes one another, "says Bulls.

Obad was in the consulate and, according to the ambassador, he was the fourth wedding party for the East. Look for a football player from the first wife of Vladimir Myecher, who left me behind.

Two years ago, Ladislav Vzek, a nurse with his ninth-year-old daughter, Victoria, handed her hand.

This fun party, Simon, invites six hospitals to see if he has any interesting links. It is dark. We wanted to do this this year, but because of the scandal. Perhaps, we may have kept it in the spring and embarked on a new year in 2016.

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