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Last interview of Michael Schumacher has been released


Last interview of Michael Schumacher has been released

2 hours ago | Peter Prokopov

In your last interview before Mike Schumacher's death, your back frost might be. Already, the family will still get sick, but it will erase something that has been detected.

In a month or in a few days, we celebrate a few tragic events. Michael Schumacher's skiing skiing continues for five years, none of his family and close friends know about his or her real health. In this regard, his lawyer, Felix Damn, officially made his final statement in court in 2016. According to him, the German competitor "can not walk", in fact, is similar to the news fragments of Mikhail, and about wheelchair access.

In August, Schumacher said he had the ability to speak outdoors. According to the Paris Match Report, if the participant is in the seat above and puts it in front of a beautiful landscape surrounding the Swiss home, his tears are raised to the chest. Whether this is true or not, then no one should sign a hand. Michael is not Michael's son, who won this year's Formula 3 championship, but his father's life is sometimes difficult, and that's understandable.

Of course, Schumi Jr. it is a little more than a few weeks. It is confirmed this week that they will take part in the Mexican Championship in January. Michel Sebastian is in command with Wettel, so he has many emotions. Even the four-time champion was on the side of Michael over the past years. For example, if he wins a race, Mick says something in his gratitude speech.

But let's put it one by one: instead, we will discuss the last interview we have given to one of the original interviews – Michael before the accident and posted on the official website of Schumacher's family. It was written on October 30, 2013, so it was a two-month journey to the French alpine tragedy. At that time, Shumi was the second time she had retired for three years in Mercedes, but she was not too far away. He has not only joined the ranks, but also has never won, and only once on the podium.

Schumacher acknowledged that the same scenario he had originally worked in Benetton, then Ferrari. First of all, we had to create a base and then win the championship. "But we used Mercedes for a short period of time," she said. However, Shumi's involvement, like Lewis Hamilton, has finally dropped two titles to Michael.

Shumi is a seven-time world champion, so one of the questions is logical in that direction. Was it one of the first in Ferrari in 1994? In this context, the German rival is clear. "Ferrari has not been a world champion for 21 years. For four years, I missed this mission. Then came in 2000, and the competition in the Suzuki scheme was exceptional, and I won and won the big championship. «

However, Schumi is not the only reason for this Grand Prix. Meanwhile, Mike Huckkey was behind this, with which he sent a number of battles to the road. It was not the first and last, but all German sportsmen liked it. That is why he said that all of Finland's rivals are the most expensive. Outside the trail, they were friends, but there was no likeness with Demon Hill, Jacques Villover, or David Kuldard.

Interestingly, he is considered a hero in his childhood. When he moved to the cards, he realized that Ericon was like Sena. Also, Vincenzo Sospiro, a sub-category expert, was impressed. "But my real poker was Tony Schumacher, because he was a great footballer." Mikhail has nothing to do with that horse, but he has started to play soccer.

Of course, we will stay in four rounds instead of a ball, and the world of cards will not leave us. Mikhail considers him to be the best preparation for all other competitions. "You will learn a lot and develop your knowledge. There are then duels. There is a bike ride, and this is, first of all, the most valuable thing to get on the card race, "says Shumi, learning from others is important. "Everything is unique.

Despite the fact that Michael Schumacher has just heard it, this is the word spoken five years ago. We can not only hope that this is not the last interview before the disaster, but the latter is still the truth. Whether or not our expectations are fulfilled, it is just a matter of time.

Michael Schumacher's latest interview with Michael Schumacher Mercedes F1 Nordschleife 2013 07Michael Schumacher's Last Unknown Interview - 2 - Michael Schumacher Mercedes 03Michael Shumaher's Last Unknown Interview - 3 - Michael Schumacher Mercedes 04Last Unknown Interview with Michael Schumacher - 4 - Mercedes-Benz C W205 Schumacher 03Michael Schumacher's Last Unknown Interview - 5 - Michael Schumacher Mercedes F1 Nordschleife 2013 16Michael Schumacher's Last Unknown Interview - 6 - Michael Schumacher's New Photo 01Last interview with Michael Schumacher - 7 - Ross Brian 09Last Unknown Interview of Michael Schumacher - 8 - Ross Brown 10Interview with Michael Schumacher, an unknown student recently - 9 - Ross Brian 04Michael Schumacher's Interview Unveiled Until Soon - 10 - Ross Brown 05The Last Unknown Interview of Michael Schumacher - 11 - Ross Brian 07Unknown Chess Player Michael Schumacher Interviewed - 12 - Ross Brian 08
Michael Schumacher, in the pre-accident interview, also said Mercedes and Ferrari. In both cases, Ross Brown was standing beside him

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