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Oppawa Against Banik: Silt dealers in Silt detained 26 hooligans


/ WELCOME ON-LINE / The Sunday threat between Silesian FC Opava and Banik Ostrava was much worse than the previous one.

The main Silesian FC Opava won in the fantastic atmosphere of Baník Ostrava 2: 1 and scored significant points in the table.

The diary not only tracks the match, but also all events.

Banik fans and march

Brannik Ostrava fans will take part in the game at 11:22 at Swinow Station and from 12:00 to 12:00 at the East Station.

Regional police officers are watching fans flying from Havířov.

While moving from the train station to the gardens, some of the fans left the planned route, but at the intersection of Rybashka, at the intersection of Mayrektkova – in one unity, calmed the situation.

The fans of the two teams filled the stadium box due to security reasons, but the H4, H5 and H6 sectors remained empty.

"We have chosen enough measures. Until now, there are no restrictions on personal freedom. But we started again. On the way to the stadium, police have done everything to prevent the defeat of two defeat groups, "said Gabriella Pokora, a representative of the police.

The first hurricane in front of the stadium


The first fans were fans. More than a dozen people in the park stadium to interact with the young guys. Police detained several people on the ground.


Police detained several people in the park and several people were arrested. Fanatics go to the edge of the park. After the calmness of the situation, they returned and re-entertained.

"Currently, we are limited to eleven people, including ten people for offenses, one for crimes, theft and theft. Decimal was related to public order. One person was stolen at Penny on the way to the stadium, and ten people were standing in the stadium without a ticket to the stadium, "said Radm Danek, Deputy Director of the Moravian-Silesian Regional Police Department.

Police officers were involved in strife during the Opava and Banik matches.

The ventilator coordinated organizational activities

Half-time breaks came from one of Opava fans, who were on the pitch at the Banvkovskiy boiler room. After that, he went out and confiscated his fourth organizer.

He scored after the match

While the fans left, there was some unrest in the stadium, and one person was detained.

As the city passed, there were many hackers at the Breda department store. There were maneuvers and cracks in the police. The police took control of this situation.

It was the most dangerous match of the season between Opava and Banik in the Czech Republic. After the match, the deputy director of the regional police department of the Moravian-Silesian region Radm Danek expressed his opinion.

"About five hundred police officers were sent to this match, a special train for thousands of fans was sent. He tried to abandon some of the fans, but the police did not interfere. The match did not take place without major incidents, "Radm Danek said.

However, fifteen minutes later Banici's fans dropped several decades before leaving the stadium and some of them were taken to the stadium and nine were arrested for assaulting the organizers. "

There was nothing important from stadium to station. While Banik Ostrava's fans went home, the maneuvers ended and the police broke up.

In an interview with Radm Danek Denik, Deputy Director of the Regional Police Directorate in the Moravian-Silesian Region: We spent a total of twenty-six people

The prolonged rally between Opava – Silesia and Banik lasted for a long time. Police, as a whole, ruled the whole situation and conducted the game with no difficulty. Four police officers were slightly injured. Criminologists already analyze images.

In Opava, the police detained Banik fans of more than a thousand people.

How long did the police prepare for this dangerous match?
We are preparing for a few weeks. It was the most dangerous game in the region, even in the Czech Republic.

How many police officers were involved?
Five hundred active police officers. Four police officers were injured. Causes verification.

Are you satisfied with intervention?
We are very glad that there is no danger to people. We appreciate the cooperation of the municipality. Also under the guidance of the Silesian Football Club and the excellent leadership of Ostrava Banik. Today's intervention was at a very high level, and all parties made the matter the most. All actions were solved in favor of this issue.

How many people were detained?
Twenty-six people were there. One was arrested for stealing Penny's Market and the other for the mistakes. But it can still be a crime or crime. Currently, camera records are protected, and they are analyzed by criminals. Therefore, the number of suspects may increase.

Do you want to compare with 2017?
In 2017, many people are provided. There were many violations and mistakes. In general, this year the situation was calm.

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