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Plas is dangerous for oncological children


Praha – (PR) toy store Agathin World collects savings and convenient toys in the hospital.
Oncology departments of children's hospitals spend hundreds of sick children for many months and even years. They may catch toys, hospitals, and disease-related illness for some time. However, not all children are bad for serious illnesses. For kidnapped children, people who can hold dangerous bacteria, for example, forget about it. Also, small puzzles that do not fit on beds or sharp framing toys are invalid. But toys are never enough, they say they work with children, so the toy Agatin agrees to offer the "Radost" charity project to children.

Make sure
children's oncology department, play, savings and creativity
helps sick children to spend time hospitalization
the most meaningful.
Children see everything that goes into the daily hospital
gray They like any trips and gifts. Pro
hematological / oncologic patients should be selected
very important and consistent. Many toys are concentrated
The number of children with multiple bacteria
Treatment is a great threat. For example,
plush toys, but also books,

"says Kathryn Witch, a happy child. "When
Selection of games, sets and creative collections offered by Agatin
The world, we have tried each game for all possible risks.
Children spend plenty of beds for treatment
such as games and creative kits, which they can play
or just two, with large pieces and all the rinse pumps
games and kits. «

Social According to
Kateřina Doležalová Coordinators have large children with sick children
the success of one or two card games, card and education
games. "Girls
You can wear dolls, they like different laptops
stickers, creative sets for girls, each likes folding
Lego. Convenient toys are never enough. We are constantly upgrading
a games room and dormitory, as toys are gifted
birthday, Christmas, and also tragedy
, "
Doležalová adds.

There were two sisters in the world 11 years ago, one of them survived
serious illness in youth. – He left
I am a nurse in the hospital and I am glad to be here
she is playing with the game "

Cristina Crizza proves why a toy store is running
The project attracted the manufacturer of the toy himself and himself
Customers also do the same.

I remember Lucy Strobril at the hospital
10-year-old doctors found malignant Carcinoid liver
metastasis. "When
I started to heal, n
I'm a very small boy, but I still have toys
played. At that time, games on the computer were not widespread,
as in the case of today. I needed some complicated things,
I would hold it for several days, that would be the case
make a more challenging game or set. I believe
Already online games and various conveniences are available
children and parents who want to win separately "

says the former patient.
She is now working in the organization after successful hepatic transplantation
To help smile, both contemporary and the same
former oncologic patients.
Marketa Šejnohová, 17 years old
Years together with Hodgkin
syndrome. "R.street
I painted scarf, made different ornaments
beads. I remember the little kids you still have
access set. They are always the best and may be the smallest
toy «


Every year in Czech Republic, about 400 children treated in 8 cancer and hematologic centers in the Czech Republic, doctors define oncology diagnosis.

He is

The E-store and Agata's World Store start with players and builders and end with consumers and connect with a number of partners. Since October of this year, he has begun to mobilize and mobilize the whole community. In addition to providing collections and games, it also applies to its suppliers and customers and enables them to contribute. Agatha World partners and vendors go to a basket with vouchers of vouchers chosen at shops or shops, providing free services at e-stores or shops, or helping them find stores in Agatin's worldwide stores. For this money, Agatin's world, along with Rados, chooses other toys for sick children. The project will last until 2019. At the children's oncology and hematology divisions, collections and other toys are displayed. Children's psychologists and leisure teachers take care of children's units, except for doctors and nurses. Introducing the World of Play, Kit and Creative Series, to play with or play with their children or explain their principles to their parents. Agatha then presented 75 759 people to the world and its partners and clients.

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