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Prague Imam's brother is involved in terrorist acts, police say. He examines the religious leaders


Shea was hiding in Jordan, although he was accused of supporting terrorism, but reportedly contacted MF Dnes and recorded a video in late January. "Prosecutors accuse us of terrorism, but are forced to seize the territory separately? Have you attacked the mosques or not? You condemn terrorism and terrorism, and we are afraid of you. If it is not God, it will be the result of your provocation " he said in the video.

Then he removed all his pages and gave his case to the Czech Republic lawyers. Police blamed him as his brother and wife. The suspect is mainly Aldemar, who belongs to Shafada until the end of February. Then he replaced the firm and the second owner Ramazan Muzayev with a lawyer, Leonid Kushnarenko, who often presents Muslims in Prague.

«Mr. Sheada has officially been in the company. We wanted to make it happen earlier, but we did not have time. I took the stock free of charge. lawyer Kushnarenko said on Friday that he will own 57 percent of the company. The rest is Vice President of the Muslim Association in Prague Miroslav Krakowicz.

"Alminbar rented a Prayer Hall in Prague on Opettalov Street and provided them with the Muslim community, said MF one of the reliable sources of the DNESS police. The police should not only block the flow of money on this trade.

Imam's brother trains terrorists

Sheada was born to Palestine's parents and spent most of her life in the Czech Republic. Jordan and Saudi Arabia studied Islamic law in universities. His brother Omar and his wife went to Che entered the Jabat Fath al-Sham terror organization.

Through training, he succeeded in training weapons, bombs and combat tactics for several weeks and later taught his brothers to fight and teach terrorist attacks. MF DNES is responsible.

Omar and his wife came to Syria. It's called Kristina, which was transformed and originally called Fatima. "He calls himself Jahid as a mujâhid, where Omar actively activates the warrior's food by making baking, washing and weaponry." police say.

Sheikh Sheikh Sheikh Sheikh Sheik Sheikh Sheik Sheikh Sheikh Sheikh Sheikh Sheikh Sheikh Sheikh Sheeda Sheeda Sheeda Sheeda Sheeda Sheeda Sheeda Sheeda Sheeda Sheeda Sheeda "I demonstrate to all Muslims and Muslims that such an act will be abandoned by faith because Christian worship always includes the worst form of so-called wisdom. Anyone who believes in God and the Judgment Day can not participate in this event " he wrote.

Later, Pharmer helped Oman to travel to Syria. The police returned from Turkey to the Czech Republic.

Prague Muslims are far from them

Four years ago, Shahada left Prague and criticized her controversial statements that the Muslim community should make a poor business card for all Czech Muslims. He left the Czech Republic to Bratislava and played a major role "He said that at the time he was acting normally, there was no connection with terrorism and murder." said one of the Muslims.

When the police began searching for the Czech Republic, the center of the Muslim community in the Czech Republic and the Islamic fund in Prague were adjacent. As they say, Sheeda has never been an official imam, and she has just created this role. "The Prague Islamic Foundation says that after publishing information about Samer Sheeda in the media, she had never been a fund or partner." The Muslims made a statement.

Police Officers of the National Center for Organized Crime could not say anything about the capture of Shehad and his transfer to the Czech Republic. The only person in Prague to represent the Supreme Prosecutor's Office.

"At present we do not disclose additional information about three Czech nationals who are convicted for terrorism, terrorism, terrorism and terrorism financing. Once the conditions are met, the exact information will be displayed », "said Marek Bodlak, Director of the Department of Large Economic and Financial Crimes of the General Prosecutor's Office.

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