Thursday , August 18 2022

Sellers accidentally took them to a secret warehouse in Sapel, or they were drinking


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From the point of view of quality control, the main thing for wolves is to manage duplicates and electronic records. A couple of hours later, colleagues opened a secret warehouse.

Everyone in a booth was masked behind a hidden door as a common wall. Traders are not the only ones guilty of anything; they are just selected.

Appreciate the situation and buy the purchase in hidden areas, "said Kurkov. According to reporters, civilian officers were responsible for monitoring, and one complained and turned them into a secret secret. Whoever goes there will be so.

Hunter remembers a hunter – shoes, perfumery, watches, wallets, jewelry and candy. All of them gathered things and put them into the barn,

If they were confiscated for the first time, they would have ten million crowds.

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