Saturday , June 25 2022

The American magazine, Fortune, purchases a Thai managing agent


Fortune magazine. Photo:

Fortune magazine. Photo:

American magazine Fortune Purchase of 150 million dollars (about $ 3.4 billion) from the Thai manager Čatčaval Jiaravanon, Thai Telecommunication, a member of the Board of Directors of several published companies, including True Corporation. The current owner of the magazine Meredith said this. He writes a second letter every month for the second time Wall Stret magazine.

Like other magazines, Fortuna has been experiencing difficulties in printing media in recent years due to lower advertising interest and lower market sales. The magazine, which came out after the fall of the stock market in 1930, tries to inform the business elites. He remains the president of Fortune Alan Murray. "Čatčaval Jiaravanon bought the magazine as a private investment. It supports our editorial independence and helps us capitalize on growth and investment, "Murray said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal earlier.

Fortun newspapers and advertising sales have dropped in recent years. That's why the journal focuses on digital advertising and other revenue. This year 11 conferences are held, and last year it was eight. Digital advertising and business conferences last year made up 62% of revenue. This year the magazine will be published twelve times, and 16 issues will be published last year.

Other magazines, such as Meredith People a Better Homes & Gardens, which received the magazine in January Time and then presented it with other periodic editions Fortune, Time, Money a Sports Illustrated for sale. In September, he agreed to sell the Times magazine Mark Benyux, Co-founder of and his wife Lynne.

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