Friday , October 7 2022

The Coldplay Group plays in the Czech and Slovak cinemas


The documentary about the dream of concerts from the world tour will hold the Czech and Slovak cinemas on the night of November 14, 2018!

Great work with complex concerts, gaming effects and musical emotions. All this is a group that pays to one of the largest concert shows in Coldplay. The strongest part of this quartet – the power of live performances – draws the balance. The movie will release seven of the world's best tournaments in 2017.

Coldplay concerts are an unforgettable experience that visitors do not want to leave, as they are known by Czech fans. The group usually does not miss the group, but the excursion "Armrest full head" has passed. The Czech team of the British band was able to become one of the most successful tours in the history of popular music.

Silence shooting for hundreds of years

Pictures from the extreme concert will be more attractive to the group's archive. Director Matt Vitherson has been with the group from the very beginning and has been the first exam in the student dormitory. The cinema has many unpublished materials on canvas.

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