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The duke must get EZ, said Babie. The Company's shares are discussed and discussed on the issue of minority shares


Dukavana's nuclear power plant operated from 1985 to 1987. According to estimates, the current blocks are expected to reach 2035.

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According to Prime Minister Andrei Babin (ANO), construction of a new nuclear power plant at Dukanov NPP will be provided by a subsidiary of EZ, which controls electricity. According to Mr. Babti, he is ready to support investments. EZ has a minority shareholding. EZ shares have dropped to 551 kg in the stock market premier. Rann has been sold for 555 kg per share.

Chief Executive Officer Ez Daniel Bene said Thursday that preparations for the construction of a new nuclear block are underway. "We have the same level of state institutions and EPs," he said. The highest figures can be expected after the end of the year after 2027, he said. It would be great if the exhaust power is about 100 percent. "I do not think he or she has behaved in a minority, but this discussion is not bad," he said.

"We are convinced that the investment is profitable and can be repaid," said Babie at the Dukovan Electricity Seminar in Valais, Tebsko. According to him, it is not right to consider the extension of the Dukovan block now. "We want to analyze all the money, but we want EZ to build a new block in Dukovani," he said.

According to Babie, the daughter of Dukovan and Temelna, the daughter of the company, who cares about the block construction. The guarantor of the investment will be EZ, stt will become a petrol type. Technology and technology should be built on block construction and misfortune. He said this referring to construction blocks in Finland and Slovakia.

According to the prime minister, the construction of new nuclear reactors at Dukanovan will be cost-effective and will be compensated, which is the most expensive source of electricity. Edward Seksens said in the press releases. He used a world-class reactor project. We invite you to comment on the potential of investing in the construction of new reactors in public places and the economic consequences of the need to be consumed, "he said.

Marta Novkov, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, said in August that by the end of the summer it would be necessary to determine the financial model of building a new nuclear block. At the end of June, Babi told about the ten-year history of the monks, Dukovan's life.

The mayors of the region, including the Vysochin district, have the support of Dukovan. This workshop was handed over by a special Electricity Safety Committee. But at the end of the year John found out from the point of view that he had decided to build a block. "At the end of June, we will be drinking from a certain sky, and for the last 60 years we will extend the work of the Dukova Electric Power Station and in ten years we will decide on a new construction," he said. Babies were first nonsense. "We will be in the middle of the space, we will be here for OIC," he said.

"Do not let us say that it will be 31.12, we will solve and make decisions, we have enough background," said Vali Novkov. He said he wanted to implement the energy concept, saying that the duration of the Dukovana block was an alternative. Even the construction of new factories, accordingly, would be financed by EZ. "EZ has been making high profits and dividends for several years," he said.

"Minority shareholders have demonstrated their nuclear energy clearly," says EZ spokesman, Radisslaw K., "this is a long-term strategic investment, but from a short-term perspective, profitability debate. Judicial proceedings may disrupt the building for several years. "It's easy," K. said.

The Prime Minister said that the minority shareholders are of particular interest. He works primarily at EZ to return to business.

The construction of a nuclear power plant in Ust-Kamenogorsk is a two-way, a company. Russian state corporation Rosatom, French EDF, South Korea KHNP, Chinese joint nuclear energy, Areva and Mitsubishi Atmea joint venture and American Westinghouse. History of the Nuclear Security Committee (SJB) Dana Drobov KHNP, because you have recently spoken and talked to the nuclear block in the UAE.

EZ is the most energy company. The principal shareholder is a state with 70% interest in the Ministry of Finance. A nuclear power plant with a total capacity of 2040 MW will be consumed on electric cars in the Czech Republic.

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