Friday , January 21 2022

The feeling was close. Plzen has hit real stars in Madrid


Miroslav Chalupka, CTK

Coach Jiří Žihák coaches must show up at the top group that has not yet been hoped. After losing to CSKA, they won the team 4: 3. Despite the two defeats, they have also become Real's rivals. They ended in Spain, but Real won 3-2.

At home Plzeň's young men ran to their favorite places after Arzberger's life. "It's a dream, I'm not expecting a game, and if someone tells you about the game, I'll say that's crazy," Arzberger said.

However, they did not take advantage of the game, but on the 58th minute, they lost two cards to six in six minutes. Even in 10 he beat.

However, Pulitzer was strong, but soon she compared the point to Baez. The game may have started, but in the last few seconds, Rodrigo went ahead and decided to defeat Real.

"The cabin has a lot of hope, because today we have good results, and we have fewer benefits," said Zhilak, the club's website manager. "As a result, the goal was the goal and goal, but we were able to do during the match, today we have to commend the team, the only thing that has not happened today is the result," he said.

Plzen should win the match at CSKA next match, playing in the last round in direct races in Rome.

G Group for players under the age of 19 in the 4th Round of the UEFA Youth League:
Victoria Plzeň – Real Madrid 1: 2 (1: 0)
Goliath: 35. Arzberger – 68. Baha, 90 + 5 Rodrigo. Judge: Visser (Belgium). ČK: 57. Hranáč – 66. Pulido. Audience: 990.
Pilsen: Maric – Svoboda, Mika, Gabriel, Hranesch – Pek (72. Uzlis), Schultz, Koddekker (81. Oud) – Selnar (81. Pleyzit), Arzberger (61. Halas), Pihrt (72. Hezuchi). Trainer: J. Jilak.
CSKA Moscow – Roma 1: 2 (0: 2).

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