Friday , June 9 2023

Thousands do not know that they are high pressure! Ask the doctor about symptoms


High blood pressure or arterial hypertension is the most common disorder of the cardiovascular system. There are about a fifth of the Czechs, but most of them do not know about it. High pressure can not be damaged and if the doctor does not detect it during the exam, it can cause death.

High pressure is not detected at first, but if it is not processed, it can cause serious complications. It can cause myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular or pulmonary embolism, and also affect kidneys.

Doctors may decide on the use of blood pressure reduction medications. The basis is a healthy lifestyle, including everyday traffic. Patients should try to reduce smoking and alcohol and try to eat healthy foods. Even food should be kept neat – some dishes increase pressure.

What does blood pressure mean? How severe is this disease? What are the consequences? How to Avoid Disease How do we know if the blood pressure is high? How is blood pressure checked? Can he really heal?
These and other questions are answered by internal doctor Marcett Huzarova.

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