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Tomasz Kleus breathes the golden album and calms the situation –


Tomáš Klus is on an excursion to the "Spolu" album. The possibility of access to Prague's national holiday was presented to Karin's operator and was accepted.

"However, this is an important concert for me because I like to wake up in the public day. It is the consciousness of our society and responsibility for what we are doing. Thanks to the baptism of the new album, we are glad to be with you on this wonderful day, "he told Pravo until Saturday.

According to him, in the evening he did not intend to show any political love. "On the contrary, I think there are enough different reactions and tensions in our political situation. I think the situation should be calm. Despite the contradictions and controversies, we hear about the same thing as a harmonious community. Talk to each other, but there is no dispute, "the author explained.

Tomas Cluess liked the concert.

Tomas Cluess liked the concert.

PHOTO: Lucy Leiva

Such a big concert should be well-prepared in the longtime Carmen forum. So Cus did not arrive on Saturday or the city center.

"I'm passing, but I was not in the center. They invited me to the Carlin Forum before the exam. That's why I did not go to the National class to light the lantern, "he said.

Excursion tours can boast. Most concerts are sold, but if not, the audience will reach at least a large number.

"How glad I am when people respond to the new album? The happy word does not really understand, and I was surprised. Although there are 21 songs in the album, 21 new songs, often long and wide, will sing along with us in new songs. I can play the album, which also meets with the album, and I understand that people are old songs, so there are thirty-five songs in the concert program, and we think it's hard to reach for three hours. Nevertheless, people from start to finish, "Claim said.

Target group guitarist Jiří Kučerovský became the goddess of the album.

Target group guitarist Jiří Kučerovský became the goddess of the album.

PHOTO: Lucy Leiva

"After the last song, the mantra, I'm still on the stage and trying to get out. It's hard to do it, "he said.

Three-hour fee

The Saturday concert lasted for three hours. It was a bit of a joke when Kleus became a folklore reporter on a topic that fell from the sky, or occasionally occasionally disrespectful.

The program consists mainly of songs from the new album. Occasionally, many audiences did not have any skin news, so they were listening to the song, and sometimes they responded slightly.

Nevertheless, the cliches of new songs are fun, as well as the members of its target group. As in the case of the elders, they are also kind to their interpretation, and they are explained with accuracy and concert harmony. Whichever of them will be listed on the list, but thanks to the latest album balance, this will be a very difficult time.

Tomáš Klus and Jiří Kučerovský have been playing together since 2007.

Tomáš Klus and Jiří Kučerovský have been playing together since 2007.

PHOTO: Lucy Leiva

Tamara Kulusuza has singed several songs with her husband to sing. At the beginning of the show, the album was baptized with a video clip called "Adventure", and in the end, Cullen and her band formed a gold plate for the Spool album.

Finally, the audience did not really want to leave the hall, so Clyus sang a guitar with the guitar.

Traveling with a Philharmonic Orchestra

In the spring of next year, he will continue his "Spolu" album with excursions and prepare for Slovakia. In the summer, they go to chat rooms, on a hat, and in addition to playing, they talk about time with people invited to talk about themes.

"We are planning to visit Ostrava in Janáček Philharmonic this autumn. Nowadays, we are choosing three songs from the new album to include singer Jan Lstiburk's joining the big orchestra. We also want to record an album with the philharmonic, and I'm waiting for it. This is not a concert recording. We're going through a studio, but we live together, "Claim said.

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