Friday , June 9 2023

We are waiting for it, the color of the Ostrava festival is responsible for the end of sponsorship of Agrofert


AgroFert Holding will not sponsor the next year's "Ostrava" color genre festival. The information on Wednesday was the representative of the musical festival.

She was not impressed with the colors of Ostrava. "Last year we were waiting for it, and it was clear that such cooperation would not have any meaning," says Zlata Kholushova, director of the Actuá festival. "Their sponsorship will not be enough," he said.

According to Agrofert, the reasons for stopping cooperation with the festival are economical.

"Thanks to the economic results of the agrofert group, we had to stop our long-term partnership with the Ostrava festival, which requires the cost-effectiveness that affects marketing activities, such as support for different festivals," said Karel Hanzelko, Agrofert's representative.

In his speech, Kholushova focused on the July speech of Tomasz Kliusz, who decided to boycott the action, sponsored by Agrofert. Singer is a longtime critic of Prime Minister Andrei Babis, a trust fund. Kluus joined other artists in the summer, such as Matěj Ruppert or Iva Pazderková. However, Agrofert's decision was about the dissatisfaction of singer Kleus.

"As we said earlier, the decision to stop cooperation is not ours, but Agroforber and why they are not interested in paying the money and listening to the negative reactions of the population," says Zlata Kholushova.

They did not even think of completing a six-year partnership with Agrofert after Klus's boycottal negative reactions. "When Agrofert started working with us, Mr. Babish was not in politics," said Kholushova. "It was a valuable sponsor for us who helped us, and I would not force them to cooperate with this principle even though I would have to scare them with the devil." They helped us and helped our visitors, Kholushova.

Ostrava's colors have become a major sponsorship, and management has acknowledged that it does not miss the money. "I'm not happy with this," said Holušu Replacement Festival is under consideration. Agrofert was a major sponsor, but not the biggest sponsor. The main partners are the Savings Bank of Czechia and ArcelorMittal. The festival is supported by CEZ or Radegast. Whether the festival ends in partnership with the main media partner, Agrofert's Mafra is currently being discussed, says Holushova.

The general public of the festival did not understand the reaction of the public, which lost the festival last year. According to him, people in the Czech Republic like the general sponsor of events. "It is absurd, because they have a cheap ticket because it is not about Agrofaster, but rather about the atmosphere in that country." Sponsorship is a mystery because it is not right, "explains Zlata Kholushova. all sponsors are paid.

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