Friday , October 7 2022

103 tons of defective meat were seized and 763 drugs were released


Here are the details

According to the headquarters of meat inspection of the Ministry of Agriculture, 103,824 kilograms of meat were slaughtered by inspectorate patients for human trafficking or slaughter, which was done by the meat inspectors 736.

In a report by the central office of the Public Health and Mass Destruction Agency, the main purpose of the meat industry is to follow the Egyptian standards of these products to implement laws and decisions governing the processing of meat, poultry, fish and their products and to ensure their consumers are safe and healthy. will be found. Commission for the control of meat sales and sales, as well as for the protection of the health of the population and the health and nutrition of consumers through refrigerators for meat storage and control.

In addition, the Department conducts periodic inspections of all governors of the Republic for review of meat testing in the governor's office and conducts a joint inspection with meat inspectorate committees of the Directorate and subsidiary bodies for visits and rendering meat and meat plants, and various Governors of the Republic have violated the list of threats of mass destruction .

In the report, doctors of General Nutrition Inspection at the national level to report to the veterinary medical directorate on breastfeeding and breastfeeding inspection monthly reports, to provide technical comments and refuse the denial .

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