Monday , January 30 2023

8 reasons to lift your weight .. Be careful


Ghost of weight is always attractive to girls, because girls are afraid of obesity, especially when some of them try to reach some tips that can prevent pain, so they are surprised to gain weight.

Dr. Marwa Imam, a nutritionist, has 8 causes of weight loss, including:
1 – It's not about eating water, it's good habits that do not allow fat burns and fat accumulation.
2. High nutritional supplements in fat and calories, which add appetite to sugar and reduce energy levels and eliminate body fat and increase weight.
3 – Do not miss basic dishes, such as eating breakfast or lunch and combining two dishes of one meal, which slows down the grease process and increases the accumulation in different parts of the body.
4 – Daily sleepiness is not enough, it is difficult to grease and increase weight.
5 – Not enough nutrition for protein, it slows down the daily fat burning process and difficulty.
6- Depression, diabetes, and some heart medications.
7 – Hypothioidosis affects the metabolism responsible for fat burning.
8 – In order to increase the consumption of non-fruits, juices, juices have a high percentage of sugar and an increase in weight due to the lack of vitamins and fibers.

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