Saturday , January 28 2023

A ban on banning weddings at archaeological sites was issued


Video. Anniani: arranging ban on archeological venues The decision to ban the weddings at archeological sites has been made publicly available on the video. Anniani: Arranging ban on archeological sites, video … Anniani: wedding banquet decision on archeological sites We are announcing today's news with our articles and starting from the main news, video … "Anniani" : a decision was made to ban weddings in archeological sites.

Former Ancient Minister Khaled Al-Anani has issued a Regulation on the Occasion of Events and Events Archaeological Sites immediately after his appointment, which was used in the post-Soviet era.

He was surprised at Sunday's official confirmation of the start of the wedding in Kaitbay Castle in 2016.

According to him, the solution is held by churches and monasteries and archaeological sites, such as Islam or Coptism and pyramids, despite many suggestions and temptations from abroad: "After making a decision in the event Karnak Temple and at some archeological places in the evening, to the travel agency who applied for the transfer. "

The event hosted Farah Shahir for three days in the city of Aswan, attended by prominent representatives of the country, artists, athletes, businessmen. "The dinner was organized at the venue, but we did not go on a wedding in any church, and there were archaeological sites and some pictures of some of the guests here."

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