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Arrival of the first phosphate mine was delayed.


"Temirzhol": the arrival of the first phosphorite railroad to the Assyute several years later


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Books – Ahmed Najib:

Ashraf Raslan, head of the Railway Administration, a few years later, announced the arrival of the first freight train from the financial and industrial companies in Mingbah, Assiada, to transport 1200 tons of cargo from Al Nasr Mining Company.

This is a plan of work to maximize the role of TRA in railway transport, which will supplement the rapprochement in the field of cargo transportation in the next stage, said TRA head.

According to him, this step is part of the Delegation's plan for the restoration of the Organization's old clients' revenues, and the Commission plans to invest $ 25 million in 2022. Developed a plan to improve mobile ports.

According to the head of the government, the expansion of the opening of new power stations for the transportation and transportation of goods between seaport and industrial zones, as well as the transfer of ports to Helwan on October 6, Robiya's 10th and Asuan districts, were transferred to Robicii stations.

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