Sunday , August 7 2022

Attack on the assassins at the home of a citizen and assault on Assuta theft


The first police station in the Assyrian police has stolen those who attacked a citizen's home and stole her to steal her.

The manager of the house and the man who was living at home said that an unknown person asked him to read the gas company and read the metric, when he came home, believed that he had money and searched the apartment, found nothing and escaped without taking the property. A 32-year-old Assyuyt police officer and his sister were injured during the incident.

The immediate translation of inquiries from the Department, search and investigation of investigative cells, and review of the incident's premises indicate the presence of the defendant, accompanied by the "Muhbat" company. The owner of the road leading to the scene and the owner of the restaurant are on the road to the scene, and the accused are detained and intended to steal from the previous attack.

Necessary legal measures were taken and the prosecutor's office was brought to the prosecutor's office.

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