Sunday , August 14 2022

Baher Al-Mohammadi reports injury


Bahram Hammadi, a defender of the Ismailly Club and Egyptian national team, said his fetus had been slaughtered.

Al-Mukhammadi in his Twitter account says, "Praise to God, there is no objection. Radiology was cut off on the right side of the second degree. "

Mohammed played a match with Ismaili in the League on June 11 and played a match in the Egyptian Cup.

Mohammadi also played four national teams under the guidance of Mexico's Javier Agirre, who has scored a goal for Cameroon's Cameroon 2019 Cup and Tunisia.

Ismailli is preparing for the pre-match of the League of champions of Africa on November 27-28 in the second round of the Masjir Neyeushi and Nigeria on 4th or 5th December.

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