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CONTRACT "Meteorology" warns citizens about today's weather. "Shabura is flooding and flooding"


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CONTRACT "Meteorology" warns citizens about today's weather. "Shabura is fierce and flooding" in the morning, ie on Saturday, November 10, 2018.

The General Meteorological Body (WMO) published weather forecasts on Saturday (November 10).

The northern and lower banks, in Sinai and Sinai regions, in some places in Cairo continue to spread in the north of the country, accompanied by thunderstorms in normal and northern Upper Egypt.

Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Al, the chief of the Meteorological Department, said that the temperature and rainfall in the nature of the Earth had changed, the sixth October and the fifth meeting would be cold in terms of the width of the earth.

"The rains will continue on the northern coast and the light rain will fall on Khalaf and Shalitine, and on Saturday it will be raining with rain," Abdul-Al said in a telephone conversation Friday in Egypt. The north coast is light.

He asked the head of the meteorology department to be more careful about seeing drivers and no rain, and advised citizens to wear heavy clothing, especially at night.

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