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Critics explain how Hamo Pekka and Majdi Shatt 's crisis were.


Books – Mohamed Magdy:

"Hamo Beca and Majdi Shata". The two titles caused a great deal of controversy through social networks, especially after the attack by the "Pika" trade union members and musicians.

Attack on Becket and Chateau is not one of the first for the actors of the festival, but rather a large number of artists and intellectuals.

"We do not need to attack us, because we will not allow the artist to satisfy our taste," says Tarek El Shannui, art critic of Masavi. "Hamo Beca, Majdi Shata and others are famous and popular. (Thermometer) has the right to speak in Egypt with my creativity or my public taste. "

"Thirty years ago, Hamdi Bachchan performed the song" Asatok ", spreading songs, and only a few years later, he said," Sulfur's odds only burn once and on the other hand, we do not have artwork. "

"The attack on Hamo Beca and the Majdi Shatta is ungrounded, because they offer artists who love and hear spectators," Mitra said to Mitroue.

"Before that attack, you attacked Oka and Arutti and you find them at the best wedding feasts in five star hotels."

Hayrullah confirmed that he was opposed to the attacks on Becato and Shatt, as well as against the union of musicians: "I resist anyone who demands stability and stability to art".

"We do not need people to eat certain foods or meals, because people have different tastes, and in developed countries you can find all sorts of art in different tastes."

Khairilla says: "At the beginning of his appearance, Ahmed Adabia was banned from radio and television, and other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook did not appear, but the world was broken, and now popular singer Ahmed Adiyavi has had the opportunity to convey any technical phenomena to the public. There are many singers who have emerged and disappeared because they can not decide whether to continue or linger.

"There is no country in the world that has the power to make art and the things that people hear and hear."

"I can not imagine the existence of Hama Beck and music on the stage," said art critic Ashraf Abdel Moneyim, "Their appearance is not calm because of Oka and Ortega."

He says, "The problem lies in the public culture, because the biggest catastrophe is in an attack against them, since the ordering of the order after their issuance can not hinder the public because it is not immediately."

He said: "The solution to this problem is from the very beginning, and I asked censorship and the Ministry of Culture to apply for a certain piece of artwork on a certain basis."

He said: "Can a person who is not a physician open the clinic and master the profession? Why not set up controls and ropes to solve the problem in this matter, and can not put ropes on strangers, "he continued.

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