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Day 7 – Shares – Shares on the Egyptian Stock Exchange on Sunday


The prices for the "seventh day" of the 5 largest companies have risen and shares of the five companies have dropped, while the Egyptian stock market has dropped on Sunday, 11-11-2018.


Suspension of 9 trading companies

The Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) has made a decision to terminate trades on 9 companies during Sunday trading, which is over 5% over 10 minutes.

Global Telecom Holding, Nile Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries, Daes Readymade Garments, International Grain Crops, Assiut Islamic National Trading and Development, Pyramisa Hotels, and Tourist Villages, Tourism Pioneers, Resident of Cairo House and Development, Memphis Pharmaceuticals have been temporarily suspended.


The stock market is estimated at $ 4.9 bln. It loses pounds

The Egyptian stock exchange closed the weekly trading with a collective drop in all sales figures related to the sale of foreign traders. All capitalization decreased by 4.9 billion pounds to $ 771.989 billion.

The volume of trades on shares amounted to 211 mln. In the course of the year 171 thousand transactions were made in the amount of 610 million pounds sterling. Made a pound sterling. 84.81% of total transactions in Egypt, 6.24% outside Arabs, 8.95% for Arabs, 21.41% of transactions on the stock market, and the rest – to individuals 78.58% .

Net transactions of Arab and foreign individuals and foreign legal entities of Egypt were $ 7.2 million. US $, EGP 2.9 million, EGP 48 million and EGP 7.6 million, Net transactions of individuals and institutions in Egypt amounted to $ 58.3 million, respectively.

EGX30 index dropped by 1.18% to 13570, EGX 50 dropped 0.55% to 2188, EGX20 dropped from 1% to 13280.

The EGX70 index dropped from 0.05% to 702 points, the EGX 100 index was 0.23% and reached 1756 points, the Nil Stock Exchange index was 0.47% and reached 474 points. After the end of trades, shares of 45 listed companies were closed, 88 companies dropped, 38 companies remained unchanged.


High stock included:

– Global Telecom holding company has a 6.19% interest on the 3.430 EGP

– Asiut Islamic Trading & Development company has sold 6.12% of EGP at 5.900 EGP

– Daes for wearing EGP16.970 wear garments 6.06%

– Memphis, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry, at EGP 8.930, 5.81%

– International agricultural crops EGP increased by 5.04% at 3,750,

Decreased resources:

– Residential and urban planning in Cairo was closed at EGP12.950, 6.36%

– The right to subscribe to Palm Hills Development Company reached 0.2888 pounds, down by 5.57%

– 9,050 лв price of the closing tourists 5,24%

– Nile Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry – Nile Price 10,510 Pounds, 5,06%

– Combined housing and town planning was closed on 3,660 EGPs, which was 4.94%

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