Friday , June 9 2023

During the week, 405964 citizens were distrusted about 100 million medical centers


Here are the details

The governor of Alexandria has reported that 405964 citizens who visited the exam centers from 13 to 21 in the last nine days and the "100 million health" Presidential Initiatives for the C virus and disease management were at the governor's level.

The number of visitors in the park was 92,719 in the nine-day visitor to the east, 105687 to the east, 52,682 to the citizens' center, 50,995 to the citizens, 33,955 visitors to Agipia, 20,936 to the customs, 38,410 from Amritsa, – Number of visitors to 10580 citizens.

It is worth mentioning that he will take part in the Presidential Initiative, 400 points in the "100 million health" in Alexandria and 18 mobile units, to take part in distant and distant locations to identify and investigate the disease. The initiative will continue every weekday, including Friday and public holidays.

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