Tuesday , June 6 2023

FilGoal | News Al-Ahly's Joule Source: Reassessment of Technical Personnel under Cartier's Management


A new fall of Ahli. After losing the title of the Champions League, Red Giant disagrees with the Arab League and reassesses technical staff led by Patricia Carteron.

The Al-Ahly Champions League has been linked with Al Waus in the second match of the 16th round of the Arab Championship with a 2-2 draw for Farewell Zayed Cup.

The board will review the coaching staff headed by Patricia Carteron, the club's source at FilGoal.com said.

Under the leadership of Mahmoud Khatib, the official source of the club, the board of directors said that all the measures and decisions to ensure the return of the team status will be corrected and the team will correct the road after refusing the Arab League.

In the beginning, "there are steps that Ahly initiated and they are about to end" Reassess the work of Patricia Carteron's technical staff and will need to continue or to create the current situation. Full or partial changehe said.

Mahmud Khatib Said agreed with Abdel Hafiz, watching the current crisis situation and seemingly "do not have any arguments or justifications."

Many events have happened since the African continent.

The contractual manager of Cartieron, Mohamed Youssef, Chief Manager and Soccer Director, Mohamed Fadl, Hussam Ghali, the Ball Sector Sector Coordinator and Commission Advisor, Adil al-Qayyim, held several meetings.

His meeting made several decisions, in particular: Sayed Abdel Hafiz, responsible for the appointment of the Honorary Committee and Haymad Oraby as a member of the Conciliation Commission.

Do you think that Ahli needs new deals? If you want to make transactions you want to come to.

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