Tuesday , January 31 2023

FilGoal | News Barcelona: We can join Nimar if it comes straight to us


Taking into account the fact that Neiman leaves Barcelona in 2017, the official statement of the Catalan club warns that if he can return to the Catalonian team for the first time, he will be replaced.

"All the players in the transfer are trying to add them if they meet our needs," says Pep Segura, Barcelona's sporting director, La Vanguardia.

"Nimair is not in the transfer market today, but if he could add a day to the game, would not Barcelona like this think about it?"

"In the case of Neymar or any other player, we have to give the team the best players."

Neiman spent 222 million euros in Paris in Paris in summer 2017, meaning the penalty for the contract, which triggered a protest against the Brazilian player at the Catalan Club and his fans.

"Nimár's potential will play a role if it is able to join it again".

"Yeah, we should not forget how Nimar was dropped and did not miss the club, but we hope he will join us if we need it."

"Of course, financial matters play an important role."

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