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Frenkins may be an important treatment for arthritis



Frenkins may be an important treatment for arthritis

Frenkins may be an important treatment for arthritis

Recent studies have shown that laxacine can sometimes be a major part of arthritis treatment

According to researchers at the University of Alabama, compounds of resin obtained from wood or scaly in Africa and Asia may stop inflammation.

It is known that rubber or clay has been used as a treatment for wounds and infections for thousands of years, and researchers have found that compounds within it can join proteins, such as arthritis, and effective prevention.

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Scientists believe that lacquing trees produce these compounds as insects and mushrooms.

"These results can help pharmaceutical companies, for example, to create new anti-arthritic drugs, which can harm more than 10 million people in the UK," says Dr. Wilson Szczier.

The main problem in producing a new drug is to determine how these compounds are available to humans: "Franklin is insoluble in water, so it's hard to get into the bloodstream," he said.

But Cambridge Nutraceuticals, a biotechnology company, has developed a product that tries to solve this problem.

Linden and soy lecithin (one of the components of the group of brown fatty acids found in animals and plant tissues) allow the body to absorb the active ingredients in the stomach.

"We have shown that this ingredient allows it to reach a place where it has a great impact on the anti-inflammatory response," says Dr. Miriam Ferrer, a molecular biologist in the company.

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