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Global leaders will discuss Africa's investment in Africa


06 11 2018

World leaders will travel to Dubai, Africa on June 4 to attend the 5th African Investment Conference to improve African investments in Africa and discuss key African issues. Before the continent.

Africa is currently the second fastest growing economy in the world, with about $ 42 billion in foreign investment in 2017, including $ 15.7 billion in the Middle East.

The latest Middle East investment in Africa is a new logistics center in Mali this year and a $ 500 million investment in Egypt. The Lulu Group was established on the basis of $ 50 million of DP World.

The conference coincides with the entry of the continent into a strong economic growth phase, which is an attractive center for funds and private investors.

Dear guest

This event welcomes Mr. Sheikh Nahayan and Mubarak Al Nahayan, Honorable guest, as the former Prime Minister of Mali and Chairman of the African Legal Network Dr. Sheikh Modibo Diarra. The conference will also be attended by the federal leader of the Democratic Alliance of South Africa, Mumius Mimi.

A number of international speakers were gathered at the conference to better understand the nature of Africa's business. General Manager of Equity Group James Mwangi, Chief Adviser of Emirates Aluminum International Jonathan Evans, Middle East and Africa Leader for Citigroup Miguel Azigo and Senior Advisor to the U.S. Department of Commerce Nami Ezra.

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