Saturday , October 23 2021

Governor of Qalioubia seeks to counteract agricultural land and state property infringement


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Governor of Kaliubia, Dr. Ala Abdul-Halim Marzuk, met with the heads of city and district councils with the participation of Secretary-General Awad Ahmad Ali to discuss the issue of rural settlement, noting that this file is very important and does not allow the political leadership to focus on new violations. , Additionally to eliminate old violations one time.

The governor noted the full cooperation of cooperation with the security forces, the prevention of offenders and the restoration of the state and the people's rights.

The governor also directed the heads of towns and districts to supervise the removal of garbage and debris, as well as to establish a team of immediate contact to eliminate any garbage collection or garbage collection.

The governor has discussed the problem of waste recycling and stressed the need to have a competent staff with every garbage truck before the garbage disposal at Hank's waste disposal facility.

The governor also gave instructions to all heads of the centers, cities and districts, as well as the citizens themselves, to improve the services provided to the cities and villages to solve the problems arising suddenly in the fields.

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