Saturday , October 16 2021

Head of National Seismology: Egypt is far from active seismic belt

Dr. Ahmad Badawi, the head of the national seismic network, said that some earthquakes in social networks were not earthquake due to the severe earthquake and the network review of the fifth meeting site in Cairo, on the Richter scale it was estimated at 3.7 degrees, which is ineffective and invisible.

The National Seismic Network of the National Astronomical Research Center (NNSA) said that it had distributed civilian programs to citizens on the so-called "earthquake phobias" sites on the "Badavi" phone call, asking all citizens not to believe any news about the earthquake. seismic activity is monitored and the network is working 24/7.

Abizaid: Egypt is far from known seismic belts, but located in Bahrain and the Mediterranean, near the Egyptian foothills of Suez and Aqabu, can periodically introduce us to several small and average earthquakes.

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